SIMILAR But Not The SAME – Todd Holoubek



These works are collaborations with the Machine.

When we remember some person, some event, some feel- ing, smell, touch, color, childhood something
(scratched knee, first kiss?), we are reconstructing these things from chemicals in our brain.
Every time we commit the act of re- construction, the result is changed.
When we teach a computer to remember, it is also reconstructing from what it has seen,
experienced, catalogued, interacted with. It too reconstructs.
This is similar in how we piece together what we think some- thing was, and ought to be.
One part of our brain reconstructs, and the other part evaluates. A decision is made as to whether that memory is valid.
We are not so different You and I, you Machine, bits and bytes, circuits, registers, memory allocation, flash memory degenerating, fragmenting, unstable. Just buy a new SSD and clone the old Machine but that Machine was shit.